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Pet Meets Baby

Preparing your pets for the addition of a new baby!

The Goal:  Keeping kids safe and pets in loving homes! 

Kitty Love

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Presented by; Jane Deming and Katenna Jones

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In 2004 a RI baby was accidentally killed by the family's dog!  The news was heart wrenching and devastating.  That day I went to my office and began a search to find resources for expectant parents with pets.  Although I found a small chapter or a page in some dog training books and magazines, there was nothing publicly available to expectant parents.  Together with my dear friend and animal behaviorist Katenna Jones, we created the Pet Meets Baby program that same year.  We offered the program to expectant parents in RI and soon it went national.  We created an instructional manual to share with other shelters to assist them in helping in their communities.  Later, when we were employed as educators at American Humane Associations we created a booklet "Pet Meets Baby," for national distribution for expectant parents.  Today this program is offered all over the country. 

Today, Katenna and I offer the program at various locations throughout the year  for any person or couple or person that is expecting to bring a new baby into a home with pets. 

Additionally, I have partnered with Stand Up For Animals and South County Hospital to offer several programs a year through the hospital. 

The programs are offered in the evenings to maximize convenience for our clients.  In each venue we provide a comfortable and intimate setting, ample time for questions and quality take home materials.

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