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Humane Education is valuable tool for not only teaching children about pet responsibility and care, but also providing character lessons that students can use in their everyday interactions with animals and people. 

Sadly, we find that the communities and schools that need us the most  are often the ones that can afford us the least. 

If you know of a classroom or school that you feel would benefit from our valuable presentations and would like to be a sponsor, please contact us and we will work with you. 

If you simply want to sponsor a program and allow us to connect you to an organization in need, we can do that as well. 

Sponsoring a program is also a wonderful gift idea for that special child in your life.

How to be a sponsor!

Either you can choose a class or school you wish to sponsor or we will help you find a school in need. 

  • Simply call or write and we will get the process rolling.  We will contact the school, help them choose a suitable program, date and time and then get back to you. 

  • Once the program(s) get booked, you will receive a copy of the reservation form(s) as your bill.  A check payable to: JG Deming & Associates, for the program will be required in advance of the presentation.

  • Pricing starts at $125 per presentation, with a reduced price of a second duplicate program in one visit for $200. 

  • For younger learners we do have audience size limits!


Please feel free to email Jane with any questions or to arrange programs.  If you provide contact information she will get back to you when she is in the office.   

A great gift idea for a student or a classroom!

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